Thursday, June 20, 2013

Our progress...

Slow and steady wins the race....

In my last post I had mentioned that we had a diagnoses for Isaiah and had him in some private speech therapy sessions.

Initially the speech therapies were a struggle. Every time we brought him to the sessions he would throw a tantrum and when he finally settled down to do the therapy our time was up. It felt very frustrating and defeating. I am not sure if he was doing this because of his age or because of his apraxia or his inability to communicate. I am sure it is a little of both. In addition I don't think we used the right type of therapy for Isaiah and his apraxia as there was very little improvement.

As of last fall we were accepted into the public speech services at the BC Family Hearing center and began our speech therapy. From the start Isaiah was more receptive and willing to learn. We started a new program called Serious Nonsense; kind of ironic isn't it? And the therapy really does sound like nonsense blab but it works!

This program focuses on working on sounds of vowels, consonants, and initial consonant syllable.
Isaiah's speech has improved so much since starting this program. Those who interact with Isaiah on a more constant basis have seen a difference and he is imitating so much. It is still very hard for him to talk on his own though, not because he can't but because he is hesitant. You can see it on his face when he tries to say things. Especially when we are at the park with other kids or when he gets excited his speech sounds like gibberish. But I am glad he is just trying.

His speech therapy is going well but I am sad to say that it is almost done. Isaiah will be school age this coming September and his speech therapy lessons at the BC Family Resource center will be finished as they only provide services to children until they enter school. So this means that we will have to continue our speech therapy in another area. However, I will continue to work with him one on one everyday (almost, hopefully).

   So as one door closes another one opens.